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  • Client distributes its Insurance & Assistance products in 33 countries mostly in B2B and B2B2C through a range of partners going from large Insurance corporations to small travel agencies.
  • Flawless business & technical integration with these partners is key to enable the growth of client.
  • Furthermore, B2C business, through limited now, represents an opportunity to showcase our innovation capabilities and digital sales expertise while generating additional revenue streams.
  • Data is a key part of client’s journey « from Payer to Partner », and its transformation to a Data Driven company. To support its growth and its global ambition, Client has defined a decentralized operating model for data, appointing data teams in Business Units and geographies to be responsible for the proper deployment of data strategy closer to business owners. This covers Data Management (policies and procedures to comply with security and regulatory standards), Analytics (leveraging data for business performance) and Culture (onboarding all employees in data journey).
  • The Central Data Office manage the framework (IT capabilities, tools, methodology, standards, operating model) when usages (data marts, reports etc.) are managed by the deconcentrated teams.
  • The Data Platforms (Datalake and reporting + advanced data analytics capabilities) are the corner stone of the strategy where data of all Client entities are centralized and from where reports, dashboards, analysis, predictions etc. are spread out.
  • Current On-premise Cloudera Hadoop Datalake is to be decommissioned by the end of 2020, and so a migration project to the target platform in the Azure Cloud of the different applications and usages is required. It will have many dimensions (definition and validation of migration strategy, inventory of current usages, applicative migrations, double-run, change plans for users etc.) and many challenges on process, people and technology.



  • Set up, coordinate and facilitate the interactions inside and across functions & entities in order to secure project delivery
  • Assure the design with subject matter experts the new processes and their proper configuration, customization within our new Claims and Assistance ecosystem.
  • Coordinate of all IT teams involved within the Programme
  • (different functional domains, companies, entities and departments) to assure seamless deployment; stakeholders management
  • Organise and lead SteerCos with the proper monitoring /tracking / decision making material
  • Managing the program’s budget, risks and issues and taking corrective measurements
  • Coordinating the streams and their interdependencies (including other projects within the overall P&C Transfo)
  • Budget trackin
  • Quality of delivery (readiness of target components, % of migrated chains bugs/incidents onboarded teams etc.)
  • Deliver in time


  • Strategic but also practical / hands on approach to deliver concrete results and to structure the environment in the way that is necessary to drive actions
  • Adapts fast to changing requirements
  • Understand complex organization
  • Able to support the implementation of the required governance
  • Experience in project management in a global environment with many teams involved (infrastructure, architecture, security, data, business etc.)
  • English – Fluent (French being a plus)
  • Communication skills at various levels of hierarchy / seniority levels / countries / cultures: tailor communication to varying audiences, quickly incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Previous experience in managing data projects (design, set or run phase)
  • Previous experience in migrating on premise datalake to cloud environment or any analytical systems
  • Ability to steer groups over which he/she has no formal authority : Business Line Stakeholders, Group Professional
  • Families, Experts, Communities, etc. – in multiple countries
  • Change leadership, promote and drive

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