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Position title : Local Product owner Business line Truck (BLT)  for e-rescue (digital customer journey).
Reporting line : Direction de la transformation.


The BLT Local Product owner will play a key role in ensuring transformation meet objectives in terms of Quality, Timeline, Benefits.

He/she will contribute to build the global asset component (representing the Business line Truch, with the Global PO) and implement the Global asset locally (implement, parameter, Roll Out…)

The primary responsibility will be to share the BLT vision with the BLT business teams located in Lyon and the global PO for e-rescue.

The second responsibility will be to hold the vision of the global asset component and transmit it to team with enthusiasm and empathy

The third responsibility will be to build, arbitrate and prioritize implementation product backlog

The fourth responsibility will be to roll Out the global asset in the business line truck activity (business, IT, interactions with B-partners,…)

Finally, he will manage progress, risks, KPIs (incl. demos, sprint retrospective…)

He will be involved in the Global Assets Component implementation in the BLT  outcome measurements and refine his approach based on the feedback collected on the field.

These improvements will increase benefit realization, value creation, ROI and the achievement of results and outcomes.

Dimensions of role

  • Strategic : Domain owner and business circle enrolment,  managers engagement and end user acceptance will be 3 key dimensions of success. Motor and Home XX Global Product owner will play a key role in providing  alert when roadblock appear down the road    
  • International : ability to collaborate with a multi national team with a fast and agile approach. Understand the culture and local market trends, builds on what is common and adapt to country users expectation. Focus is UK, France, Spain and then Belgium, Germany, Portugal.      
  • Agile Team approach : Ability to interact with various functions  – Operations, network , sales, HR  central and local, communication, CX, …  
  • Operational  : the Local Product Owner works hands in hand with the  business teams, Global product owner, local tech lead, local pizza team, Geo stakeholders

Key responsibilities

The e-rescue BLT Local Product owner will have the key following responsibilities :

  • Build the local story mapping, with local ambassador, Global PO, Global and local tech lead
  • Build, maintain and hold the local implementation product backlog
  • Build the roll Out plan for the global asset local implementation 
  • Hold the vision of the progress of the Global asset local implementation, especially through a  dashboard

Position context

Client has decided to accelerate Transformation plan based on the following key principles :

  • Co-Build/Measure/Adapt organization and implement a “Benefit Driven” strategy
  • There is a need for a fast evolving platform allowing and promoting regular increment and allows  “back from the field” feedbacks for improvement
  • We need to bring  disruption for the customer experience by proposing a superior customer journey  

in response to key needs the following approach has been retained :

  • Farm existing customer and contribute to retention through innovative products
  • Accelerate Motor digitization in order to enhance competitiveness
  • Allow local market adaptation and quick answer to key partners requests with BL guidance inside a common product/process model  reference : implement “freedom within boundaries”
  • Need to engage, on-board & build trust with Geographies and deliver on time, within budget and improve quality

Working relationships:

The e-rescue BLT Local Product owner will report to the Head of client transformation line.

He will have to work through many others stakeholders in the organization to succeed but should notably 1/ contribute to build the global asset component  2/ implement the global asset locally and 3/ maintain high level of Execution.

The BLT e-rescue Local Product owner will work :

  • Hands in hands with the local business ambassador to define the Geo vision
  • Hands in hands with the with the global product owner, the local tech lead, the local pizza team (…) to create the Global Assets Components  
  • Hands in hands with Geo stakeholders to roll-out the global asset in the Geo

The Global product owner will coordinate with Global PO and Geo Transfo Leader and PM.

Skills and experience

Hard skills

  • Experience and knowledge of Program and Project Management, change management principles, methodologies and tools with IT related changes
  • Understanding the motivation levers for key stakeholders based on benefits to be realized
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal at various levels of the organization
  • Ability to work with Agile methods
  • High level of business acumen and ability to formalize clearly business requirements
  • Exceptional project management team acting as a reference for Local Implementation is in charge with
  • Knowledge and experience of IT deployment program
  • Ability to communicate concisely and easily in English to Top management and various families of the business

Interpersonal skills

  • Value oriented always looking at “who should do what” before acting
  • Execution driven
  • Excellent active listening skills
  • Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences
  • Flexible and adaptable; able to work in ambiguous situations
  • Resilient and tenacious with a strong propensity to persevere in a moving environment
  • Agile mindset

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