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Client has launched a program to prepare the usage of its Cloud solutions for new applications and migrate around one-third of existing ones. These applications are currently hosted in 30 different countries, with some regional datacenters. The different operational teams have to upgrade their skills in order to leverage the different opportunities that the cloud is providing (DevOps, Infrastructure As Code,…). Client is looking for a Manager to launch and organize all the Change Management activities for the MTC Program.


The Change Management Manager will have different responsibilities:

  • Animate workshops with the different stakeholders to build a common vision
  • Propose and launch the communication plan for all the stakeholders (Newsletters, Community mngt, events, Web sites, 5/10/15, …)
  • Propose change management activities:
    • Evangelization of stakeholders (Seminars, individual meetings, workshops ad’hoc, wall breaker)
    • Coaching of operational team (Clean Code, IaC, PaaS, OpenPaaS, Toolchain, DevOps…)
    • Training (Training path, e-learning, certifications,)
    • On boarding of operational team (Bootcamp, Installation kit, Developers kit, Bootstrap…)
    • Setup and launch Social network, …
  • Propose Project steps and methodology to address Change activities :
    • Follow-up progress,
    • Reporting to the high management, relevant KPIs
    • Coordinate local PM and change manager.

Client is looking for a team player able to formalize and deploy change management activities, find practical solution and quick wins to hack the client culture and ways of working.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Workshops animation
  • Ability to interact with multiple teams
  • English is mandatory
  • Between 8 and 12 years of experience

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